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Hassan And Amine


Discover Two Artists Who Are Turning The Moroccan Kingdom Upside Down


Get a taste of Moroccan culture and its charm will stay with you for life! Meet Hassan Haijaj and Amine Bendriouich, two Moroccan natives who are shaking up the Moroccan Kingdom for the whole world to discover. 
Pioneers behind the country’s new artistic avant-garde, their exceptional contributions to art and fashion make them two extraordinaire gentlemen who are clearly worth the buzz.

Hassan Hajjaj - Rider


Hassan's electrifying pulse literally beats through his country’s culture and is spreading its waves overseas and beyond. Working as a photographer, stylist, designer and artist, the Marrakesh and London based creator is considered to be so daring and eclectic that he has even been described as the 21st century’s answer to Andy Warhol.

Wow, a lot to live up to, but he certainly pulls it off in his adventurous photo series entitled Kesh Angels. Feisty Moroccan women – sparkling with attitude and energy – sit with style and sass on motorbikes in Hassan’s hometown of Marrakesh. In fact, these strong and colorful portraits elude so much energy that you will be craving to jump on one of the bikes yourself and set off into the sunset! 

Just like Hassan, Amine Bendriouich is another worth-watching Moroccan talent that is tempting us with his distinctive fashion designs that stand for contemporary Arab pop-culture. You won't get any fleeting fashion trends from this designer. His unisex, urban and androgynous collections focus on a timeless and daring style. “Thank you for your stereotypes, I am building my own aesthetics,” states the designer on his website. And boy is he!

Making more than just clothes, Amine also is at the forefront of Moroccan culture. In his hometown of Marrakesh, the young multi-tasker is the main man behind the Contemporary Moroccan Roots festival, a yearly event that provides an outstanding and refreshing take on art, fashion and music in order to celebrate all things creative. Both Hassan Hajjaj and Amine Bendriouich possess a unique joie de vivre that cannot be matched – convince yourself and look behind these extraordinary minds! @hassanhajjaj_larache and @aminebendriouich