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The Doodle Bomb Phenomenon: Hattie Stewart


Watch out cover girls! The extraordinaire illustrator Hattie Stewart is challenging pop-culture as we know it with one fashionable cover after another. Letting her ink flow all over the world’s most influential publications has sky rocketed her career. Fashion, music, art – and even teacups – there is nothing and no one who doesn’t want to be doodled on by Hattie. 

Hattie Stewart - Filme femme

The London based self-proclaimed professional ‘doodler’ is giving fashion an extreme makeover. How is she doing this? Doodle bombing – the art movement and technique that Stewart coined and originated. 
Bored of the banal, Stewart scribbles her quirky magic all over the likes of Vogue, Dazed, i-D, Love, Stylist and tons more. Part satire and part comical, her ability to playfully critique today’s culture with her eye-popping illustrations makes the serious nature of fashion and pop-culture fun. 

Hattie Stewart - personal work 2004

But don’t get your undies in a twist, Hattie’s work is not out to offend or upset anyone. It’s simply a light-hearted expression of her personality. In fact, her work is so witty and daring that brands and publications are now desperate to get their hands on Hattie and her one-of-a-kind doodles.

What is there left to say? Hattie's doodles aren’t just on Vogue but also en Vogue. Her explosive energy has been taken overseas as she often collaborates with fashion brands – think Marc Jacobs, Adidas and Diesel – next to her many exhibitions in Miami, New York, Los Angeles and Berlin. 

Even American music star Azealia Banks got the British artist to transform a set of her portraits and Hattie regularly contributes to global blogging phenomenon Tavi Gevinson and her Rookie Magazine. Her daring wit and rebellious attitude towards the conventions of fashion and art have turned her little doodles into ginormous stars! 


All images are taken from Hattie Stewart's Instagram