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CULTURE SWAP: LESSON 1: Parisian Chic in LA


Brian is in the Kitchen—ask a Parisian about English and they will most likely recite this classic, yet exhausted, English 101 phrase that they learned in middle school. Ask someone from LA about French and you might just get the nails-on-chalkboard response, voulez-vous coucher avec moi…insert emoji with eye roll here. They do know what that means, right? Anyway, let’s dodge these clichés and educate the masses in a two-part online course on how to be as chic as a Frenchie in LA, and as cool as an Angeleno in Paris. Why? Because being LA in LA is so ordinary.

Part One: Walk like a Parisian, in LA!

Since there’s still some summer left, let’s start by learning how to appreciate la vie à la française in the heart of Los Angeles with some summertime lessons from no other than the 100% French brand. Teachings that Brian, or even that person you just casually asked in French to sleep with, will enjoy…yes that’s what that phrase means.

Lesson One: Grammar—let’s see how great your grammar is with some organic French wine

The French love their cafés with terrasses, it’s prime real estate to gawk at passerbys while judging their choices in questionable fashion—hum…are socks and sandals a thing again? Just take some cues in proper café etiquette from our French friends in DTLA at Garçon de Café. Here you can experience wine, cheese, charcuterie, and yes, PERRIER®, all while updating your also possibly questionable fashion with some French retail. Cool, huh? This cozy spot will add la classe to your time in the City of the Angels, and it’s much, much better than lying down on Hollywood blvd. to catch a quick selfie with your favorite celeb’s star—looking at you, girl with the sandals and socks. (We’re just teasing, have fun with fashion!)

Sofian Ketfi

Lesson Deux: Listening—croak along with some frogs at FYF Fest

Now that you’ve had apéro at Garçon de Café, it’s time to practice your listening skills at FYF Fest. Yes, even here you can practice your French. While you enjoy the native French band AIR blowing up the stage, come and join us at PERRIER®’s House of Extraordinaire! We will be there with some air of our own, hot air balloons and plenty of bubbles to be a little more specific. You’ll see why FYF Fest is even more extraordinary with a little French touch.

#PerrierChallenge: Instagram video yourself drinking PERRIER®, speaking in the seductive Pepé Le Pew accent, as you chill out to Beach House (lead singer’s French FYI)

Dynamic Productions USA

Lesson Three: Vocabulary—friends and family

You never knew there was so much of France in Southern California did you? Well, to round out your first course we will practice some vocabulary, but you’ll need to take a field trip while also practicing your Über skills since we’re going to Culver City—hey, we’re still in LA County. At the Fabien Castanier Gallery you will find two French/French adopted words of the day that you must know: l’Atlas and JonOne. These two Parisian based artists are not only friends, but also a part of the PERRIER® family. So, become fluent in French street art and check out some of their exclusive art there.

Fabien Castanier Gallery

There, you’ve nailed the Parisian Chic in LA summer course. So next time you’re in Cali, just remember to skip the tours of Rodeo Drive, doing what everyone else does (i.e. pretending that they can actually afford to be there), and do something extraordinarily French! Stay tuned for our next article on how to enjoy LA in Paris, because experiencing the culture of one place at one time is so passé!