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A Wildly Talented Artist: The P / Juan Travieso Collab


Hey, party animals! There's a fun new collab this year for PERRIER®'s limited edition and we must say this is the wildest one yet! Why? Because life can be an immense urban jungle, and we feel that it could use a little more jungle and a little less urban sometimes! So, to add even more green to your day, the iconic French brand went totally ape with artist Juan Travieso for the P / Juan Travieso collaboration!



This wild adventure designed by Juan is a unique edition of six exclusive designs to celebrate PERRIER®'s wild nature on its bottles and cans. These unique creations depict nature through majestic animals, emblems of the wild spirit of PERRIER®!



No monkey business here, just look at their faces. Displayed on both sides, the artist has shined his spotlight on different perspectives to glorifying their ultimate power and beauty.

Juan's signature style combines parallel universes, 3D models, nature, majestic animals and bursting colors to bring out the extraordinary nature hiding in the wild side of PERRIER®...or should we say PeRRRrrrier!

Thirsty for more info on the artist? Then check out the video on the P / Juan Travieso collab (the "P" stands for PERRIER® if you haven't got that by now). In the video you'll learn a little more about this Cuban born painter with an eagle eye for realistic animal paintings mixed with pop and abstract codes. His wild touch really brings out all the force from the one and only natural source, PERRIER®!





And the adventure doesn't stop there! Get your paws on some rare wild style of your own! Juan Travieso also dropped a limited capsule collection comprised of 5 unique lifestyle objects. So, catch this very wild P/ Juan Travieso capsule collection before it's gone!