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Art Tumblrs to Tumble Over




While Instagram is the platform none of us can stop being glued to 24/7, Tumblr is still the coolest, and most subcultural platform out there for artists and creatives of any stripe. And Tumblr feeds - like the people who make them - are full of personality. Here, Perrier finds the best five art feeds to keep your eye on, reimagining each as that person you’ll always bump into an art opening.


The Coven

Tumblr’s original feminist art-collective, The Coven have been doing their thing since 2012. Their thing happens to be the most explosive, tender, multi-colour art your screen can’t get enough of – from fluorescent selfies to diversified Tarot decks to leather-clad pineapples. Tick “Follow” right now to get an injection of the female-first future into your eyeballs!


If this Tumblr was a person at the art opening, they’d be: the art-school girls necking the free booze and snapping selfies. If you aren’t them, essentially, you wish you were them.



You know that feeling when (hashtag-TFW!) you’re walking through a beautiful gallery, surrounded by the greatest works of art from our shared history, and you think I’d rather be at the beach, checking Tumblr? has your back, BBe. It’s shots from the collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and it’s full of classics, and great works you’ve never heard of. Reblogging compulsory.

If this Tumblr was a person at the art opening, they’d be: The mega-knowledge (and chill!) art history student.


I’m Google

If any two people on earth have only six degrees of separation (or Kevin Bacon), then this Tumblr is proving the same is true of any image on Google. The feed moves from snowmen to tents to gas stations, one small step at a time - a long, glorious artwork on the links between every picture, ever.


If this Tumblr was a person at the art opening, they’d be: the fun, geeky, kind of sloppy one, who seems to know everything, about everything.


Gluten-Free Museum

The art world is a famously intolerant place. Gluten intolerant that is. But whether the issue with dough is real or trendy, or you like laughing at the movement to strip food of wheat, this Tumblr is your helping hand in the art-world, taking classic paintings, and removing the allergenic substance.


If this Tumblr was a person at the art opening, they’d be: wishing they could eat the canapés.


A Bittersweet Life

This blog describes filmmaking and the art industry from the inside, giving you insight into the craft. There’s in-depth looks at the methods of great directors, and #inspiration quotes which are actually inspirational, not just mildly insulting.


If this Tumblr was a person at the art opening, they’d be: the kindly, dashing older artist who listens to your troubles and says “Listen, kid, you got it: I can tell. Forget anyone who tells you otherwise – especially yourself! Ya hear me?”. They are always fantastic at wearing scarves, and are the coolest person there by a country mile.