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We’ve Seen Stranger Things on Instagram!


‘Tis the season to scare the crap out of your friends and overdose on high fructose corn syrup all while trying to find that “perfect” yet very questionable adult Halloween costume. Yuck...stop…we’re scared already, and not for the good reasons.

Let’s turn things upside down and skip the naughty nurse clichés by adding just the right amount of pop culture references that do not scream shake-and-go couture—like, hey man, how about a hairy drag version of an all-grown-up Eleven this year? Hum…our guess is that we may see a lot of this, especially in Brooklyn, but we’re OK with that! So let’s get our Halloween Instagram challenge show on the road with some Stranger Things inspiration!

The challenge

Have you been asking yourself since the end of season one how to catch a demogorgon? Well, we suggest that you don’t unless you have supernatural powers and an endless supply of frozen waffles…but if you must, you of course need blood. And to catch this challenge’s prize (yes there’s a prize!) you will also need some bloody goodness­­, but don’t worry this is vegan friendly.

The bait


• 1⁄2 oz (6 cl) of tomato purée

• 1⁄4 oz (1 cl) of balsamic vinegar

• 1/2 oz (1,5 cl) of simple syrup

• 1 bunch of fresh basil

• 4 oz (12 cl) of cold PERRIER

You can find the entire recipe here

How to own this challenge and not end up like Barb

Use your smarts. Ask your old science teacher for help if you need to, but come up with a winning photo that geeks out on an epic level! Just show us how you’d catch a monster (you know like the demogorgon) using your Bloody PERRIER® bait!  Drawing on inspiration from Stranger Things is a major plus so pull out your old Christmas lights. Need some #protips? Take some cues from this monster hunter.

Got it? You can hashtag that with #PerrierChallenge with a mention @Perrier on Instagram to win the bubbly PERRIER® prize! No need to radio in Mike for wig and fashion tips­­ (he turned that out), just have fun and happy monster hunting!


Contest end date: November 07, 2016

Winners will be selected by a jury and featured on Perrier’s Instagram account along with winning a Perrier packed prize.

Photos must include #PerrierChallenge and have an @Perrier mention in order to be eligible. Your Instagram account must be public so that the brand can see your creation.

Check out the challenge's rules to learn more