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The Weirdest Fashion Labels Out There


The most weirdest and most radical fashion labels around. Because fashion is there to blow your mind as well as your credit card limit.



Ader Error

Vete-what? This South Korean label is stealing the normcore thunder from Vetements. A collective of designers, illustrators and makers based out of Itaewon, Seoul, they’re the coolest, raddest, brightest bunch on the Insta-famous block. They remix 90s classics like torn denim, sweatpants and baggy hoodies with nostalgia-free hedonism and total crispness to make a look that’s #sofresh and #soclean. “But near missed things” is the unisex label’s slogan, and you don’t want to miss these.

Where to wear: When you’re invited to hang in the park, and maybe kick it at a friend of a friend’s art opening l8er in the year 3107, there’s only one look to wear!


Iris Van Herpen

It’s the office party, and you want to impress that hot guy or girl in legal. Maybe the classic #LBD in black velour? Or a cute stonewashed denim with chic blocky black boots? Why not try Iris Van Herpen, who makes dresses out of crystallised splashed water, magnets or 3D printing, and whose designs recall the carapaces of alien organisms, or the stems of plants? The Dutch designer’s objects are like hyper-intellectual commentary on nature, evolution, surveillance and technology, which is going to come in mega useful when you run out of office gossip to chat about.

Where to wear: When you’re invited from your cloud-dwelling in the year 3017 to attend the inauguration of your star-system’s Supreme Representative to the Council of Post-Human Unity, there’s only one look to wear!


Hood By Air

Streetwear is the biggest trend of recent years – and often the most boring. Only the worst hype beasts actually get excited about another logo T, right? Well not all is lost: the New York design collective Hood By Air – which grew out of the forward-thinking club night GhettoGothik – is turning the stale identity of streetwear upside-down. It’s an open-minded, often #NSFW look at the clothes of the “hood”, with baggy pants unzipped to the crotch, hoodies in diamante, the North Face logo re-imagined in transparent latex, and the iconic down-jackets of New York rap built to be coyly worn off the shoulder. It’s basically like a hyper-smart Masters class on the fluidity of identity - or a snapshot of GhettoGothik, a club night that has bankers raving with drag kings - and in clothes that look super, super dope.

Where to wear: When you’re invited from your apartment on the four thousandth floor to an underground hyper speed techno rave in the year 3017, there’s only one look to wear!