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Feeling Thirsty for PERRIER's Artists


Hey there, come here often? You got me all bubbly inside–said no one ever! Hopefully.


Ok, that was a bad/creepy example at seduction, but did you know that seducing and emotionally engaging audiences have been a part of PERRIER’s history from the get go? Don’t believe us? Well take a trip down memory lane with PERRIER’s love affair of working with artists and get sip of what we’re talking about.

Just look at them all. With the likes of Bernard Villemot and Andy Warhol having worked on the brand, it’s undeniable that PERRIER has always been pushing the WITTY – ICONIC – ECCENTRIC – POSITIVE & ICONOCLAST envelopes. A mixture of attitudes that ends up being a lot of fun for an artist to play with.

Fast-forward to now and Perrier is still an advertising playground on social media, you could almost say that it’s extraordinarily Playful...


Playful! (Pablo Alferi)

Pablo Alferi's 3D work is something to keep an eye on. His social media footprint is growing and his web culture touch makes him an digital art heavyweight. He really knows how to be a show stopping iconoclast without having to play the hashtag game.




Vander Yacht

You want to just laugh? Then check out Cari’s colorful sense of humor. She knows how to  bring out the "colorful bubble enthusiast," as she puts it, in her PERRIER content and we couldn't agree more!




Que Duong

Stylish eccentric is for sure in Que’s ball park. His eclectic approach to set design photography definitely adds a touch of extraordinaire and a premium feel to his Perrier content.




Popsicle-Illusion (Jonah Nigro)


Trippy artist Jonah Nigro really knows how to show off what he calls the, "cheeky/classy/surrealist brand identity [of] Perrier." Playing with pop colors and vintage codes, he's for sure a staple in PERRIER's digital DNA.




Tee Ken NG

Vine may be gone, but Australian artist Tee Ken's magic short video style still reigns as an EXTRAordinaire wonder from down under!




Vanessa McKeown

Vanessa McKowen’s style is pop with a hint of wit and she really knows how to put the spotlight on the PERRIER 33cl glass bottle. This social media titan's knack for photographing brands in funny and off the wall ways is just a walk in the park.