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Let's Get Wet and Wild



You all like to get wild, right? And with your funky yet spunky style? We certainly do, which is why we’re shedding our skin for some new stripes with the PERRIERxWILD 2018 limited edition. With looks that are straight from a safari to your sun-soaked roof terrace, artist Juan Travieso created patterns that roar to life and stand out just like owl's eyes...what a hoot, right? The perfect accessory to coordinate with your inner 90s acid house raver...remember those highly reflective high vis jackets you picked up on Ebay? Well pull them out of your parent's attic and grab some glow sticks, cuz every edgy bottle needs to be held by an equally edgy drinker.

To celebrate the launch of the limited edition bottles and cans, we’re looking at ways that you can make your sense of style even more wild. Follow our flowchart quiz and pick up some zesty tips on how to how to be more Carrie, less Charlotte. Come take a walk on the wild side!*


Design: Nasharla Green



Wow, get you! You're already quite adventurous when it comes to your sense of style. You’re willing to try new things and aren’t afraid to throw on any old farm and make it look good. Wild style is pretty much your forte. But how do you dare to be different when you’re already the boldest colour of the bunch? Just keep pushing those outlandish vibes, take it further. It’s time to start doing some DIY fashion. Cutting, sticking, printing.



Ok, so you're sometimes willing to take a few risks, but much like cocktails, a couple is never enough. Your aim is to pinpoint your statement piece — snatch up a tricky coat or jacket that makes every outfit as wild as a bat out of hell, or switch up your everyday shoe for something taller, bulkier or bolder. Make those once-in-a-bluemoon daring moments an everyday occurrence.



Well, well, well. It’s fair to say you’re in need of a little style revamp! It’s time to be a bit more daring. Sounds simple, but go for a colour you wouldn’t usually wear so you’re not stepping too much out of your comfort zone. On a budget? Raid your grandparents wardrobe for something vintage to achieve that OAP chic aesthetic. And if it’s all just getting a bit too much, sink a Perrier infused cocktail and lose your inhibitions — that way, you can wear what you want not give a damn about it! Attagirl!