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What happens when Perrier mixes with the juices of strawberry & kiwi? Well the extraordinaire happens! The new Perrier & Juice - Strawberry & Kiwi - is a tasty mix of fruit juices, that is nicely lifted with leaping bubbles to refresh and satisfy your thirst. Made up on average of 77% Perrier's carbonated mineral water, 17% of fruit juice, a dash of natural flavors, sugar and of course a splash of extraordinaire, Perrier & Juice offers a healthy alternative to carbonated soft drinks. You can now treat yourself to a fruity beverage with no artificial sweeteners on-the-go at any point in the day... You can now treat yourself to a fruity beverage on-the-go at any point in the day! Satisfy your fizzy cravings absolutely guilt-free and Go For the Extraordinaire!
Ingredients: mineral water, sugar, apple juice concentrate, lemon juice concentrate, carbon dioxide, kiwi juice concentrate, strawberry juice concentrate, black carrot concentrate (for color), natural flavors.
Slim Can is ideal for on-the-go refreshment.