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Wonder Women


Discover Five Outstanding Female Street Artists

Watch out world as wondrous women artists are causing quite the splash! When it comes to twisting the cap off street art boundaries, these five women are leaving their one-of-a-kind illustrations and fierce imagery all over the globe ready for you to discover!


The peppy attributes of Sasu’s work fall precisely in line with the sparkling essence of one bottle of water in particular. Exactly why in 2014 the Japanese artist teamed up with us to add her creative twist to our limited edition packaging design. However, Sasu is more than just a very pretty label. Take a stroll through Tokyo, the artist's hometown, and you will strike upon one of her bold art works. Nestled in a street corner or splashed across a building, her signature floral mandalas induce any passers-by with a truly extraordinary feeling. @sasu_lyri


This bright young Mademoiselle from Toulouse, France, began her out-of-the ordinary career at just 20 years old. Spraying and painting her way up to the top of the game, Miss Van has let her pop culture-infused female figures loose all across the world. L.A., Miami, Barcelona and São Paulo have been colored all over by the artist recently. So what does the fabulous female paint? More fabulous females! The empowering and desirable women in her work elude self-confidence in a light-hearted yet provocative manner. @vanessa_alice


Swoon lives her life as one big adventurous work of art. Starting off by painting on anything and everything around the city of New York – trashcans, street lamps, sidewalks, rooftops…everything deserves a zesty spritz of color in her eyes. More than just an artist but a citizen extraordinaire, Swoon and a group of fellow artists and architects turned an abandoned church in Bigones, Haiti, into a community center dedicated to cultural workshops and events – the Konbit Shelter Project – in order to make a difference in post-earthquake Haiti. Audacious and fearless just like her imagery, Swoon is one impressive woman we cannot get enough of. @swoonhq


Kazilla is killing it with some extraordinaire sass and style. Her unfazed and exuberant female figures and vivacious animals splashed around New York City, Los Angeles, Miami and even Dubai show exactly what this youngster has to offer – namely highly feminine street art with a touch of edge and witty provocation. In fact, Kazilla isn’t scared to take a walk on the wild side and her colorful confrontation of blending fine art onto the streets is like nothing you have ever seen before. @kazillathevanillagorilla


Maya Hayuk's murals are so stylish and enormous that they can probably be seen from outer space! A full-time globetrotter, Maya has travelled around the world at a young age through Europe, Africa and parts of the former Soviet Union – an experience that satisfied her thirst for all things creative. Now residing in Brooklyn, many of her murals are making an impression with their strong, geometric shapes and colorful abstract patterns. Her larger than life and outstandingly unique street art makes Maya one artist to watch! @mayahayuk