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Perrier's Bar Hopping Games for Paris Cocktail Week #3


New year, new start! You’re going to go out, like out out... Yes, put the Netflix and chill on pause for a bit, book a plane to Paris if you’re not already there, and download your Paris Cocktail Week Pass, because by the gods of grade-A-mixology you’re starting 2017 off with the bar crawl of the year (at a reduced price). Get pumped.


As the title suggests, to up the antics we have a few games for this week of cruisin' and boozin' à la Perrier. All very legal and totally optional, so please drink responsibly…who needs a weeklong hangover? BTW, if you’re looking for a detox there are great non-alcoholic options too.


Ready? Cool, let's jump in. Here’s the lowdown: 11 neighborhoods and 50 bars are participating this year for PCW #3 (if you’re not very intuitive the number “3” is because this is the 3rd year, obvs). Anyway, that’s a lot of bars to choose from, so let’s make it quick and fun for those that need to wake up early with a clear head for their 9 to 5. Or, for those that booked that pricey flight and need to make it to the Louvre in time to face swap with the Mona Lisa.

Game #1: Fill in the _________

With 50 bars, how do you choose? We suggest playing eeny, meeny, miny, moe…with an adult twist. How? Just fill in the blanks below with the bar name you think makes up the funniest "nursery" rhyme. Who knows, you might just find your new favorite spot in Paris and come up with a rhyme that needs an X rating. Seriously check out those bar names...we’re sure you’ll have some LOLs.

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe

catch a ____________ by its ___________

if _______ hollers drink some mo’

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe


Game #2: Don’t be a goober, Über (KARAOKE PARTY)

So, you chose the establishments Sherry Butt, Flesh et The Beast...



Now you need to figure out how to get from Bastille to Canal Saint Martin and then to the Marais. Just Über pool it. Cheaper and you run a good chance of picking-up some cool randoms (bummer if not). So, let's get to know your 7-minute car ride homies with some good old fashioned karaoke!

How to play? Choose a well-known song, and pass around an a PERRIER slim can. Have the Über driver randomly stop the song, and whoever is holding the slim can must complete the lyrics. What happens to those who can’t complete a classic like “Say My Name?” They buy drinks of course at the next destination!


Game #3: Be a tiger at Tiger

If you didn’t know already, drinking in France is, well, expensive. So, if karaoke wasn’t your destiny, child, then you’re in luck because two drinks per PCW pass have up to 30% off the regular price. So buy a round and play another game!

This time, it's a stay-within-the-theme game. You will stick to a theme based on each bar's name you chose for the night. Ok, cool, so what do you do? Let’s say you chose the bar Blue Bird, here you could go hashtag crazy and document your night on Twitter (get it? Blue bird?). Just play with the bar's name and come up with fun rules that will keep the night bubbling. We will let you decide the theme for Sherry Butt all by yourself…

Yay! Have fun. 2017 is going to be extraordinary and don't worry you can get back to your regular scheduled programming after letting loose in Paris for a week. Be sure to tag @Perrier with #PerrierxPCW on Instagram and Twitter to show off your can keep your Sherry Butt to yourself though! Thanks.