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Cocktail O'Clock: No Vacancy


This article was originally published in International

It’s hard to find a good cocktail bar where you can still maintain your cool factor. You know what I mean; it’s difficult to impress when you’re surrounded by people discussing the Catalina Wine Mixer while “Despacito” is blaring out of the speakers on repeat. But luckily, tucked away in some secretive places, you can find a place where you can keep your cool mystique while enjoying a Long Island Ice Tea.




Enter: No Vacancy. Situated in the heart of Hollywood, the thriving bar is the hotspot for all things quirky and historical. Owned by brothers Jonnie and Mark Houston, the bar offers plenty of extraordinaire entertainment for you to enjoy including tightrope walkers, burlesque performers and musicians. You don’t get that in a swanky cocktail bar, do ya?

Best known for its mouth-watering cocktails, the bar can host you and your friends on a fun filled night out, providing you with an elegant yet unfussy ambience. From the moment you see the bar, you’ll be completely drawn in through your own curiosity. Whether you make your way down their winding staircase or through their secret door, you’ll end up within the Victorian-era mansion which definitely won’t disappoint.




Being the social hub of all things unique, No Vacancy doesn’t shy away from its urban vibe, having hosted endless amounts of live music and DJ’s; Skrillex, Florence and the Machine, Diplo are to name a few; this quirky bar is constantly alive. And, hey, who doesn’t love a cheeky celeb photo op?

PSA: We are told that “Shiny shirts, shorts, sports gear, logos, flip flops, hats and loud colours” are highly discouraged from the venue, so prepare to get your best black dress pressed and ready for a wild night ahead...


Words: William Hunt