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As with all things in life, it’s not what you’ve got, it’s what you do with it that counts…and right now we’re applying this cliché (it’s a cliché cos it’s true!) to the contents of your kitchen.

We say there is always a way to make yourself a good cocktail at home: to be your  neighborhood’s answer to a speakeasy, the Carrie Bradshaw of your own life, but it does involve knowing what goes with what.

First off - those liquors sitting at the back of the cupboard? The rum someone brought round one night? That bottle of tequila bought in duty free? If you introduce them to some fresh ingredients from your fridge, they will make beautiful cocktail babies. And if you have some water with bubbles lying around, all the better.  

If you’ve got ice cubes, a stray lemon, a bit of salt and some spirits, we’ve got recipes.



Not only is this cocktail named after one of the best animals ever (lest we forget the amazing cup of a flock of flamingoes dancing in Planet Earth II) but it was also created by an NYC bartender, so you know it’s gonna be rad. Combining the punch of rum with that bright fizzy feeling that only PERRIER’s Grapefruit flavor can offer, this is the perf cocktail to show off your mixing skillz. Yes, “skillz” with a “z”.






Forget gold dust, this season it’s all about gold run, a cocktail known as the modern classic. This cocktail will have everyone begging to know your secret behind this zesty delight. The drin’s origin - from Sasha Petraske’s bar Milk & Honey - gives us the reassurance we need to know that it is going to have everyone’s mouths watering, including ours!






This timeless cocktail originated around the end of WW1 and we aren’t surprised that it’s stayed popular for so long. The cocktail, once filled with a variety of ingredients, was soon narrowed down to perfection with 3 ingredients to perfect it. Brandy, orange and lemon. Try to refrain from this refreshing bevvy after one sip, I dare ya!