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Carbonated Mineral Water Haters Gonna Hate?


We know the craving for some fizz is real, but maybe you're not too sure about the carbonated mineral water route cuz you're hung up on that one time you went to the soda fountain and the orange pop didn't have its syrup. Scarred for life. O_o

Well, we got some solutions for those that have a profound disdain for plain fizzy water.  Haters don't necessarily gotta hate, so instead of going for unhealthy drink options, try sprucing up your glass of PERRIER with these simple recipes.

Not so sure? Here's a flow diagram (it's water, of course the diagram would flow, right?)  With these tips you'll get some great flavors while staying on the healthy side and still get all that pep, see? It's a win win situation.


Cocktail Diagram


If you're a newb, here's what you need to know about PERRIER. It's a carbonated mineral water.



PERRIER Pineapple to Pin Over  

- Fresh sliced pineapple

- Sprigs of cilantro

- 33cl of cold PERRIER


Pineapple to pin over



PERRIER Cherry on Top

- Handful of sliced cherries

- 1 scraped vanilla bean

- 33cl of cold PERRIER


Perrier Cherry on Top




PERRIER Nice Peach

- 1 sliced peach

- 2 pieces of fresh ginger

- 33cl of cold PERRIER


Perrier Nice Peach





PERRIER Green Apple Cinnamon




PERRIER Lemon Fizz




PERRIER Orange Vitamix




Let us know on Instagram @PERRIER which recipe you find to be soda-ng extraordinaire!