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Holiday Season Party Thrower


This article was originally published in International

Oh, what a wonderful time of year! The onset of advent provides the perfect excuse to eat chocolate for breakfast, fairy lights adorn every street and the party invites are beginning to flood in. That’s right folks, ‘tis the season to indulge and let your hair down, and we’re going to provide you with all the ingredients required for yuletide merriment. Hint: Perrier’s one of them. Always endorsing inclusivity, we wanted to make sure that nobody has to brave this cold December without finding their perfect cocktail and so, behold our very scientific flowchart. Answer the questions, follow the arrows, and find out which drink should be your beverage of choice to get as #lit as a Christmas tree. Your personality will speak for itself and the chart will pair you with your ideal alcoholic accomplice for the party season.





As the life of the party, you need a drink that’s going to keep you going all night. Enter the Sleigh Bell Sling, a fruity blend of cranberry, lime juice, and Lemon Perrier, all topped off with a cheeky kick of vodka. Just like your personality, this drink is vibrant and playful – the perfect thing to sip night after night, as you celebrate at all the hottest Xmas dos in town. Garnished with a mint leaf and a red currant, like you, it’s perfectly styled and accessorized. The only thing it can’t do is adequately belt ‘All I Want For Christmas’ at the office party, but we’re sure its influence will help you hit those high notes all by yourself.


Sleigh Bell Sling Recipe

Ingredients :

- 1 ½ Parts Absolut Vodka

- 3 Parts Cranberry Juice

- ⅓ Part Lime Juice


- 1 Sprig Mint Leaf

- 1 Whole Red Currant


How to mix: Fill a rocks glass with ice cubes. Add Absolut Vodka, cranberry juice and lime juice. Top up with PERRIER Lemon. Garnish with mint leaf and red currant.




Preferring the more straightforward joys of Christmas to excessive glitter and lavish parties, you’re a person that respects tradition - and what time of year brings any better traditions than Christmas? An enduring classic of the festive season, the Snowball is a rich and creamy treat for when you’re cuddled up on the sofa watching your favorite seasonal films. Simply made with Advocaat and PERRIER Lemon, this cocktail is a doddle to whip up - a perfect match for your no-nonsense personality.


Snowball Recipe


- Ice cubes

- 2 parts chilled lemonade

- 1 part chilled PERRIER Lime

- 1 part Advocaat A squeeze of Lime (to taste)



1. Fill a high-ball glass with ice

2. Add the Advocaat and then top up with lemonade and PERRIER Lime

3. Spritz in lime juice to taste (1 x 70cl bottle of Advocaat should provide 14 Snowballs)




Whether you’re already loved up with bae, or you’re still on the hunt for the perfect person to spend the holiday season with, this drink will give you the Dutch courage you need to woo that special someone in your life. Using a blend of classic flavors mint, lime and tequila as its base, this drink takes it to the next level by adding strawberries, hibiscus syrup and PERRIER Lime into the mix - a flirtatious addition to the already beloved Mojito recipe. Sure to impress whoever you serve this up for, the drinks adornments of a strawberry fan and lime wheels will prove your commitment – if you’re willing to fiddle with tiny fruit fans then you must be in love. Mistletoe Fuego’s generous helping of tequila should help you make the first move under the mistletoe and then the rest is up to you.


Mistletoe Fuego


- 2 Strawberries

- 10-12 Mint Leaves

- 1.4 oz. Talero Silver Tequila

- 1oz. Fresh Lime Juice

- .75 oz. Monin Hibiscus Syrup

- 1.5 oz. PERRIER (add after shake)

- Crushed ice


Directions: Add strawberries, 6 mint leaves, and hibiscus syrup into mixing tin. Lighting muddle to press the juice out of the berries and release fragrance from the mint. Add ice and shake vigorously. Now add 1.5 oz. PERRIER into mixing tin, and strain over crushed ice with 6 mint leaves on the bottom of the glass. Garnish with skewed strawberry fan, 2 lime wheels, mint sprig.