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The Kids Are Alright!


Years Ahead Of Everyone Else

The kids are most certainly doing it for themselves in Paris! One in particular – a self-made iconoclast – is on her way to becoming one of the most sought after DJs in Europe.

Meet Clara 3000, aka Clara Deshayes, model, musician, muse and all round effortlessly cool female who successfully dared to make it happen her own way. Why 3000, you ask? This girl represents the future and is miles ahead of her 25 years.

Clara 3000, picture of a woman

So what exactly makes this one so extraordinaire? Itching to scratch her own way into the industry, Clara started her career at the ripe old age of 17. Soon enough, her daring wit and too-cool-for-school attitude got her an internship at Ed Banger Records, a Paris-based label that represents the most iconic artists of today's French Touch – think Justice, Mr. Oizo, Cassius and Breakbot. Learning from the best DJs, she spent her time sharpening her claws – call it mixing and scratching, if you please – basically making the most of what her opportunities gave her. Smart girl.

But Clara is more than just a girl from Paris: she is one of the few female DJs killing it in a male orientated industry and she keeps her stylish crowd dancing to her original beats all night long. If you’ve not heard her music then get to it. Industrial down-tempo rock meets ocean waves and eclectic techno beats – all set against a backdrop of an experimental sound, which makes Clara’s sets stray far from the ordinary and into the extraordinaire.

But wait there’s more! Clara has gone from resident DJ at the Silencio night club in Paris to signing a record deal with Kill the DJ Records and hosting her very own monthly show on Rinse FM Radio France.

Her stylish eccentric vision and lust for life is most definitely in tune with what she needs to make it big in the music industry. If she’s not in Paris, you can find her dazzling the night scenes in Berlin and London. Catch Clara if you can, because no one is stopping this bright, forward-thinking and audacious young beauty.