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How To Become A First Class Mixologist


Mixology. A word that sounds like a scientific subject, but this creative craft is so much more than that. But what is it exactly? Color, movement and lifestyle beautifully blended with artistry and gastronomy, all in just one drink. Mixology is the art and craft of mixing drinks—and it takes a lot more than just a cocktail shaker to excel at it. Want to become a professional mixologist in no time? Take a look at our top five tricks and let's get started!


1. Get Down With The Lingo

Straight up or shaken? Frost, flame or float? Dry, dirty or dash? Rolling or building? Lost? We don’t blame you! The secret language flipped back and forth between mixologists is out of this world. Step one: learn the key phrases and get down with the basics. Easily done, read up online, ask your local cocktail guru or watch some great videos online like this one – the options are endless, so you will be fluent in no time at all!  


2. Ingredients? Bubbly and Fresh

At the end of the day, if it doesn’t taste right then it certainly hasn’t been made right. Our top tip to give your sparkling concoction the maximum flavor is to make sure your ingredients are as fresh as a sweet Sunday morning. Stay in season, find your local market and liquor store, and get juicing, grinding, peeling and mixing. Last but certainly not least: always make sure your fridge is stocked with ice-cold fizzy water to use as a mixer, as high carbonate levels bring out the flavors and aromas to their fullest potential!


3. Shake It Till You Make It

The majority of cocktails have to be mixed by using a cocktail shaker. This simple technique can go a long way in making the end result that little bit better. Our top tip: don’t overfill the shaker! Give your ingredients room to dance alongside each other. Shake it like you mean it too, so don’t be afraid to give it all you got with a little sass and power.


4. Garnish From Your Grocery Bag

The cherry on top of the cocktail is of the utmost importance. Make sure that your finishing touch is first class by knowing what to put and where to put it. Inside, on top, or around the rim—grab that grocery bag and don’t be afraid to get creative. Swizzles with pickles, punchy peppers, fancy flowers, grated lemons, chocolate or stuffed olives—let your creativity on the loose and go mad with garnishes!


5. Hostess With The Mostess

When all is said and done, no drink is served better than with a smile. Make the most of your crafty cocktail skills by gathering some friends together and sharing your newly found mixology knowledge. Anywhere in the world, the shared common value of sitting down to enjoy a drink with friends is magical and cannot be beaten. So, give your pals a new and exciting experience that will leave them with tasty memories to last a lifetime!