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Aidan Zamiri


“Aside from becoming a global heart-throb/pop-star, I’d love to make a real, feature-length film.”  21-year-old creative director and videographer Aidan Zamiri tells us — a modest goal, don’t you think? Both creatively and IRL, Aidan is a picture perfect tumblr-tastic kween, regularly donning race-wear as his own DIY aesthetic (although we’re not sure he’s destined to be the next Lewis Hamilton) and seeking to create work that looks like the abstract depths of Lana Del Rey’s melancholy mind, it’s no wonder he’s (metaphorically) speeding towards major success in the creative biz.

Having already filmed mega material for the likes of British Fashion Council and Clio Peppiatt and curated set design for major magazines including Wonderland and NYLON, it’s clear to see that’s he’s already attracting attention from industry big guns, which is impressive when the average 21-year-old has pretty much only set their sights on trying and testing every brand of bootleg vodka they can get their hands on.

"I love stories and drama and people who are really emotional and express themselves in over-the-top, self-indulgent ways.” Aidan says of the inspo for his video work - obvs must spend hours watching re-runs of Keeping Up With The Kardashians then! Further playing into the hands of the tumblr-obsessed adolescent, his work plays with the nostalgic, emotional, soft and the sad — if Lana Del Rey doesn’t tap him for a deep and emotive video in the next five years, Adele sure as hell will.

“Music videos are some of my favourite things to make because I love working with artists and musicians and understanding the kind of visual world they want to make for their music and persona.” he tells me, further seeking to fulfil my prophecy that a Lana collab is in the not too distant future.

For now, he’s got his mind firmly fixed on a creative endeavour that’s a bit of an escape from music videos. “I’ve began work on a video project with my girlfriend which I’m really excited about. She’s a fashion designer but we work in similar ways and have really consonant tastes and we’ve been working on a short film that reflects our memories of growing up in the suburbs.”


We’re already getting dizzy thinking about the Tumblr hits and Insta likes that it’ll get when he drops it online…



Words - Ryan Cahill
Videography - Aidan Zamiri