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How to Pretend Your Local Public Pool is as Cool as Piscine Molitor's


This article was originally published in International

Not your average swimming pool: Piscine Molitor in Paris is a one-of-a-kind place. It’s got gigantic heated pools specific for the summer and winter seasons, stunning mosaics, a restaurant, a gym, a spa, and an incredibly rich history nearly a century old. Inaugurated in 1929, this Art Deco structure was considered “a cruise-ship in the city.” Legendary swimmers used to train in its waters. The first bikini was unveiled there in 1946. In 1989, after it closed for several years, it became a hotspot for graffiti tags, spray-painted murals, urban art and raves. It’s legendary.


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Your local public pool: Let’s get real. Unless you happen to live nearby in the 16th arrondissement, we’re guessing your local public pool is not quite so fancy. The local chlorinated setting you go to does not look anything like a vintage pleasure voyage, and it was likely inaugurated in the ‘70s or 80s with the chipped paint and uneven tiling to match. All the inflatable balls, rafts, kickboards, and diving rings are never gonna hide that.


How to Pretend Your Local Public Pool is as Cool as Piscine Molitor's 2

How to Molitor it up: Revamp your swimming hole into a delightful summer experience. Since there are probably no professional swimmers in sight like there were at Molitor, make like the Missy Franklin or Michael Phelps you might (secretly) be and vie for the local hottie’s attention! If you’re huffing through your second lap of the butterfly, don't worry: everyone thinks people in training are very impressive. Molitor may have unveiled the bikini—but you see bikinis all the time! Unveil something else, like a cool Pokemon Go Under the Sea spinoff, or something as ingenious. As for Molitor’s nightlife phase, yeah, you could try to get a rave going after hours—the cops are probably busy getting iced coffee anyway in this heat—but in smaller-stakes options, make your own urban art contribution. You could definitely get away with scrawling KEVIN IS THE WORST in the locker room, because that lifeguard really needs to chill.


How to Pretend Your Local Public Pool is as Cool as Piscine Molitor's

Enjoy your day at the pool!