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How To Be A Smash At The French Open


It’s official! The French Open AKA Roland Garros is in full swing. It’s time to draw a line in that orangey clay court and ask yourself, how can I be on point and really live it up at the French Open? Well, you’re in luck. The little green bottle has been serving up some extraordinaire tennis moments since 1978, so let’s kick off #RG16 on the right foot with a few pro tips from no other than Perrier. And while you’re at it, take a look at Perrier’s history with the French Open, John McEnroe would approve.

Get a grip on what to expect

The French Open is still kicking strong after 125 years – it’s had some work done. Andlike its one of a kind clay court, you’ll be sure to have a unique experience. From taking a vow of silence as you watch an intense match, to getting that perfect selfie angle to capture your favorite celebrity in the background, there will never be a dull moment. However, like any fun-filled event, be prepared for anything. You can’t trust the weather in Paris as far as you can throw the Eiffel Tower, and you’ll be sitting for long hours in not so comfy seats. So, follow our lead by breaking out the bubbles and your best casual wear with a little tennis flair.

Make a racket with your fashion

Hey Marco, you going to wear that polo? What about that Panama hat? TraditionalRoland Garros looks are expected, but like many things in Paris, looks are becoming much more relaxed. So, as you pack your bag, or get ready for the big day on the spot, perhaps you’re unsure what style will make you want to use #swag on Instagram. Look no further, take some casual fashion cues from these tennis fans. Because, as you walk to your seat you’ll want to make the crowd cheer, “Wow, look at that GOAT on the stairway!”…you know,GOAT – Greatest of all Time, it’s a compliment!

A basic tee and trendy kicks, Panama hat optional.

Tennis shoes and pleated skirt, show off your love for tennis.

Watch the doubles with plenty of bubbles

Now that you’ve aced your overall look, it’s time to accessorize. You should keep in mindthat little problem with the weather that not even Nostradamus could predict. It’s best to have options, so bring sunscreen and some sunglasses for those sparkling days, and a scarf and jacket for those flat days. Also note, no matter the weather, there is little freedom of movement when the match starts, so expect to stay in one place for long periods of time. Therefore, while quenching your thirst for tennis, you should also literally quench your thirst! What better accessory to wet your whistle than a Perrier Slim Can? You can hashtag that with #GPOY on Tumblr.


With these tips you’re well on your way to being a grand slam! Just remember that when you see your favorite stars to keep calm and Perrier on, and always be prepared for the unexpected. Before you throw up your deuces and peace out though, you should definitely stop by the Perrier booth. We have some extraordinaire things in store for you – like, did you ever think you’d experience a crazy hot air balloon ride at a tennis match? Well you can with VR! Trust us,we’re not full of hot air when we say it will be a smash!