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Cocktail Hotspots


Discover Our Favorite Cocktail Hotspots Around The World

Refresh and revitalize those taste buds with the most mouth-watering and fabulous cocktails in town. From Hong Kong to Berlin, there is no city in the world that won’t serve up some fizzy goodness in its bars. Fear of missing out? We found some extraordinaire bars that serve some extraordinaire cocktails for you to enjoy. Just take a look at our exceptional picks and convince yourself.


TRY: G.A.F Aux Bulles - gentian, pineapple, lemon juice and PERRIER.



Upon first impression, Candelaria isn’t quite what it seems. Enter inside and you will find a tiny open kitchen, stools and a couple of communal tables. Excusez-moi? Where are all the fabulous cocktails? Well, hold your horses and take a few further steps forward to open Candelaria's secret backdoor and you will find yourself inside one of the hippest bars of the trendy Haut Marais district. Mingle with an international clientele and the local budding creative talents who come here to sip away on Candelaria’s sparkling cocktail menu. This place fills up just as quickly as you will finish your drink because it’s just that damn good, so get there early!


TRY: Barbados Buck – rum, ginger, lime angostura and bubbly soda water.



Pizza and cocktails! There ain't nothing better. This underground speakeasy bar decorated with flickering light bulbs, exposed brick and burnished furniture is specialized in classic cocktails with a twist. Think artisanal spirits, house-made bitters and a tasty shared food menu with next door’s 1943 pizza bar. Evan Bucholz, owner of Brix and Rye, is your go-to man for the perfect fizzy blend of whatever takes your fancy. Always with a trick up his sleeve, expect the bubbling unexpected in this friendly and trendy cocktail haven.


TRY: Be bold and ask the barmen for anything you desire! The service is impeccably extraordinaire.


Becketts Kopf in Berlin excels in excellence. Its superior eye for details and dedication to the craft of the cocktail turns their concoctions into an impressive work of art. Keeping the true spirit of mixology well alive and kicking, Oliver Ebert opened his welcoming doors back in 2004 and hasn’t stopped mixing up a storm since. Embracing old school cocktails with modern tweaks and twists, the ice has even been hand cut to your personal preference. More than willing to go tailor-made, this cool bar in Berlin won't actually quench your thirst – it'll make you crave for more cocktail goodness


TRY: The Classic Mojito – rum, lime, sugar and angostura bitters; our fizzy water cocktail of choice


Zingy and zesty, the effervescent list of cocktails at Honi Honi is so extensive and so exotic you may just have to try a couple! Escape Hong Kong's madness and relax amongst palm trees and coconut shells. A beach paradise infused with lush greenery, a large terrace and tiki motifs host the relaxed yet chic crowd. Spoiled for choice? Their classic mojito is always a winner. Spritzy soda water infused with the best rum, lime, mint, sugar and angostura bitters makes this drink sweet, delicious and refreshing. Translated as ‘Kiss Kiss’, Honi Honi incorporates taste, style and design for your personal tropical escape.