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The Best Music Videos on YouTube Made by Artists


Today, extraordinary artists make both music and videos together in one package. Some of the most exciting musicians today even direct their own – so trying to pull apart the visuals from the song is like taking the champagne out of the soda in a spritzer. It’s boring, and where’s the fun in that? Better to enjoy the party and the amazing combination of a creative working in both mediums.


Here’s five self-directed music videos to fizz-up both your visual and aural senses – and start the party right on your laptop.


Blood Orange – Augustine

Big Apple-dwelling British singer-songwriter Dev Hynes is a man of many projects and styles, but it’s his introverted R&B-dance-pop that is in vogue now. For this irresistibly saintly tune, taken from his second album, he made a super-sincere love letter to Enn Why See, featuring vogue dancing, and Julian Casablancas.

The best party to play this video at: A breezy Brooklyn rooftop in summer, watching the sun set over the city.


Grimes ft. Janelle Monáe - Venus Fly

Speaking of saints, Grimes has emerged as a patron of fun AF weirdos everywhere. This video took that ante and upped it majorly, with the 360 artist kicking total hyperreal delirium with co-conspirator and fellow pop-augmentor Janelle Monáe for her self-directed video.

The best party to play this video at: A house-party-turned rave in South Korea where everyone is listening on bluetooth and your friends are Facetiming in from Vancouver.


FKA twigs - tw-ache

London jagged R&B megastar singer-dancer-director FKA twigs has directed so many of her videos it was hard to know which one to pick, but this stripped-down dance-off in a post-industrial room – choreographed and directed by her – is a total 100-emoji winner.

The best party to play this video at: At the pregame session in a Berlin flat decked out with bare concrete walls.  


Róisín Murphy - Whatever

Róisín Murphy’s fourth solo album has been spun around the world, with everyone from music critics to Snapchatters loving the ice-cold art-pop. Her emoji drenched video is a hilarious high!

The best party to play this video at: At an elegant contemporary art-filled London flat, knocking back Campari and Perrier cocktails, and telling rude jokes with your slightly older friends.


Neon Indian – Annie

Neon Indian shot to indie fame by making super “CHILL!” experimental music that was really pop music played through a low-fi VHS: like listening to Madonna while flicking through TV. So what better video than a B-Movie crime caper, featuring Halloween guitarists and weird cops?

The best party to play this video at: A super chill impromptu get-together in a Texan motel during a post-SXSW road-trip.