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Beat(s) Generation: The Emerging DJs to Know




The coolest and most entertaining DJs: who are they?

Let us introduce you to five talented up-and-coming artists, whose eclectic sounds will keep you dancing all night!




Top Tracks: Get Faded ft. Tara Carosielli, Video Call ft. Swick

The Sound: elegantly revamped dubstep with a touch of electro pop.

Catch Her If You Can: In Australia, Spain, London

Edgy, alternative and extraordinaire…this is Kito. The Australian-born blonde is now London-based, with an energetic and vivacious style felt in her beats. Kito's wavelength is revamped dubstep and indie rock mixed with smooth electropop. Working with vocalist Reija Lee, their track Sweet Talk effortlessly topped the iTunes electro charts. Kito is currently producing new tracks in her London studio, and you can find her on tour later this year: on her home turf in Australia and smashing up the London club circuit!  

Instagram: @thisiskito






Top Tracks: Deep Decadence Mix

Sounds: style and sass through house and electro

Catch Her If You Can:  At Provocateur in New York and Silencio in Paris

DJ, model and style icon, this triple threat made her claim to fame via Instagram. In fact, her fearless style has gained her over 179k followers online (…and that’s just so far). One of these followers happens to include pop princess Rihanna, who caught a glimpse of her extraordinaire talent and asked her to be a bad girl accomplice in her music video BBHMM. Jealous, right?! When Abellan isn’t appearing in music videos or modeling in magazines, you can find her DJing in Paris, New York, Milan and Madrid.

Instagram: @sitabellan






His Top Tracks: Love, Dream Come True, Handsup!  

Sounds: British beats infused with French house

Catch Him If You Can: At Wanderlust in Paris, Proud Camden in London, Sound Night Club in Los Angeles

What were you doing when you were 17? Brett Ewels, a.k.a. Louis La Roche, went global early on with his Michael Jackson-sampled debut track, Love. The track was so strong it was falsely credited to Thomas Bangalter—who is half of the iconic duo Daft Punk. The error corrected, Louis gained a huge following, and has been mixing around the world ever since. He opened for Kylie Minogue during two dates of her Kiss Me Once tour, in 2014. Now at age 25, La Roche is at the top of his game: he  continues to keep our feet moving with his awesome French house beats.

Instagram: @iamlouislaroche






Their Top Tracks: Pache

Sounds: A style of house music you have never heard before, guaranteed.

Catch Them If You Can: Parisian hotspots Silencio and Underclub

Herse. consists of Thobas Herbert and Erwan Sene, two talented Parisian DJs who create eclectic sounds and boisterous beats. Their latest track, Pache, boasts a fine flow of tribal and acid rhythms, infused with melodies and hip-hop sounds. Catch the boys on Rinse Radio FR, which features the latest in underground music. This duo is hottest thing in Paris's underground music scene right now, and we cannot get enough of them.





Her Top Tracks: H.O.T

Sounds: Well, her track name says it all!

Catch Her If You Can: Monterrey, Mexico and soon-to-be-released tour dates

Adriana Lucia's muy caliente mixing and scratching style is making a statement in Mexico's music scene. One of the first female DJs to come from her hometown of Monterrey, she has gained huge following in the Latin American electronic music industry. With years of experience behind her, she has already shared the stage with top-notch industry professionals DJ Tiesto and DJ Alex Galvan. Her recently-released track, H.O.T, is all about energetic bouncing beats.

Instagram: @adrianaluciamusic