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Outlandish Party Hotspots


These Party Hotspots Will Turn Your Nights Upside Down

Up from AM to PM to have fun? Looking for an extraordinaire adventure? Thought so, that’s why we are giving you the exclusive insight into a few of the most original and entertaining nightspots around the globe to refresh and tantalize your party taste buds!




Located right beside the flowing waters of the River Spree, stumble across Berlin’s Kater Blau. Far from the traditional clubbing venue, this day-and-night-electro-dream house is in fact located on two abandoned old boats. This place and everyone it welcomes inside is all about THE music, so if you you’re not dancing then you clearly aren’t listening to the biggest electronic, house and techno Dj’s playing right before you. Luckily the word curfew in German doesn’t exist, which means this party never stops – so get ready to get crazy all night long! More than just the music, open your eyes wide and discover the eccentric art works pasted all over the rustic walls and bars, one mouth-watering tasty restaurant, wooden shacks, tents for outdoor theatre performances and – oh yes! – one huge dance floor to let your electric spirit run wild.


São Paulo: D-EDGE


D-Edge in São Paulo is the playground of expression for any underground electronic enthusiast out there. Mixing futuristic architecture and design with the current cool-kid crowd has turned this hotspot into the one & only place to party in São Paulo. Its minimal exterior makes the revolutionary space inside the entire better. Why so unique? The innovational nightclub syncs cutting-edge sound systems with floor-to-ceiling LED light panels – so prepare to take yourself on an unimaginable adventure of the senses. Cooler than cool, D-Edge also opens its doors during the day to teach wannabe Dj’s to learn how to spin their own records. Designed by the iconic architect Muti Randolph, his goal was “to make even deaf people feel the music”. Quite a challenge, but Randolph has most definitely succeeded in making it one of the world's most stylish eccentric places to party.



Provocateur is glistening with eye candy from head to toe in New York City’s meat packing district. Bubbling to boiling point with supermodels, celebrities and sophisticates it offers not one but two party hotspots, the Provocateur café and the Provocateur nightclub. A true eye-catcher, the stylish café is wrought iron furniture, silver Birch trees and a ceiling with a retractable glass roof…wow! One can even spritz up their night by rocking back and forth on the floral swing sets. Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Deadmau5 and Axwell have all scratched their records here. Don’t forget to look up and see the enormous set of Egyptian phoenix angel wings that spread across the room – and if you’re lucky you might even strike across a secret angel or two.


Johannesburg: KONG

Kong is King of Johannesburg. Located in the much-hyped downtown design district of Rosebank, Kong is Johannesburg’s number one place to party. Catering to the ‘elite and sexy’, it’s a fair bet that everyone here looks good on the dance floor. But Kong's urban-gothic interior and mysterious drapery do not only welcome a glowing bunch of celebrities, models and urban-hipsters. Local DJs and underground music lovers will make sure that your heart beats to the rhythm of the latest and coolest hip-hop and electronic music tracks. Mixing the bourgeoisie and the rebel makes this place an extraordinaire hot-spot to party and to be seen.



Born in Paris, this tiny nightclub certainly has a big reputation for being a magnet to any it-girl or it-boy in town. So big in fact that Le Baron has spread its party wings all the way to Omotesando, Tokyo. Deep down underground is where the party shall be found – and where the fashion heavy set can stamp their fresh Louboutins all over. Bottles of bubbly, black leather sofas and sultry red lighting…welcome to the good life! Tokyo's creative avant-garde mixed with Paris' light-hearted and nonchalant “Oh La La” attitude makes this club the most unique in Japan’s nightlife scene. A magical must to satisfy your party needs and creative impulses amongst an extremely well dressed crowd, what else.