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It's an Extraordinaire Life

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This article was originally published in International

(Read with x-mas music melody)...'tis the season to be bubbly, fa la la la la, fa la la la deck the halls with bottles of Perrier, fa la la la la, fa la la la laaaaaa!... Or something like that. Come on, have you seen the Perrier bottle? Its emerald green glass and ever so evergreen-tree-shape with a gold cap? If you don't think it screams the winter holiday season then, after reading the title, what are you here fir? (conifer joke)

Maybe you're here for the frosty cocktails, well then, you're in luck! Cuz we got those too. RIGHT HERE. Sorry no egg nog, grandma. BUT after making your festive drink, don't let that used x-mas tree-esque bottle of Perrier go to waste! So, once you’ve finished up rocking around the Christmas tree sippin’ on your Sleigh Bell Sling, we’ve some fun DIY projects for you. Just some imaginative ways to spruce up your spruce or make that fantasy winter wonderland you always wanted with frolking eleves. Or just a candle holder.


PERRIER Candelabra

Holiday inspired flickering candlelight is a must for your Santa soirée. Check out this fun DIY project from Mother Daughter Projects that not only gets you in the holiday spirit but puts to good use those reused bottles!



PERRIER Cap Garland

Here’s where you can really deck the halls. This easy DIY just needs some gold string and plenty of Perrier 33cl Glass bottle caps. Just use a hammer and nail to make two button-like holes in the caps. Thread the gold string through and voilà! You have the perfect glittering gold accent



PERRIER Evergreen Treats

Now it’s time to capitalize on those curves. The bottle’s curves...what you do on your own time is up to you, but the next DIY is a fun holiday gift! Just remove the Perrier labels with warm water and soap. Use acrylic paint, metallic pipe cleaners, fuzzy balls (hehe) and some hot glue to decorate your Christmas tree bottle. Pierce a hole in the bottle’s cap and thread through a gold pipe cleaner attached to a cutout of a gold star. Fill with candy and your friends will be forever yours.




Your friends will be lining up to take some sELFies with these yuletide lamps! The kind of thing you’d reserve for your windowsills, you know, to show off your love for PERRI…we mean holiday spirit! Just drill a hole in the bottle (with a drill that can handle glass of course… ps pls wear goggles too). Up to you if you keep the labels or not. Feed clear Christmas lights into the drilled hole and plug it in! So pretty. If you’re feeling fancy use the decorate your bottle as suggested in the Evergreen Treats bottle.

There you go! Look at you being #ExtraordinairePerrier during the happiest season of them all!