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Through its sustainable innovation program,
PERRIER® has engaged changemakers worldwide;
And unveils winning projects.


In 2020, PERRIER® launches The Next Packaging Movement,
a sustainable innovation program to enable leading innovators, experts and changemakers
to collaborate around packaging solutions.


With this ambitious project, PERRIER® aims to broaden thinking and deliver actions on the topic of sustainability.
The Next Packaging Movement by PERRIER® is designed to expand efforts beyond the development of 100% recycled and recyclable packaging
to support innovators and develop solutions that reimagine packaging from sources to end-of-life, with the potential for delivering positive environmental and social impact.


Having announced a call for applications in April 2019, PERRIER® received approximately 90 submissions
from a diverse range of organizations including NGOs, start-ups and researchers from all over the world.
The selection process for winning applications was incredibly competitive, weighing key factors
such as the breakthrough dimension of the proposed solution,
the potential environmental and social benefit
and its ability to scale across the sparkling water market and the broader beverage industry.


At the 2020 ChangeNOW summit, in Paris, PERRIER® presented the program winners
who will bring their innovative solutions to market by 2025.
Each will receive technical, operational and financial support, with a minimum of €100.000 per project up to 1 million euros in total.
The winning projects address different aspects
of the packaging challenge, ranging from source materials, alternative solutions beyond the bottle and packaging end-of-life.






1/ Biotic: a bio-based and biodegradable plastic, produced from agricultural waste while also creating well-paying jobs for women in Africa where the project is based

2/ Flexikeg: an “ecolaboration” to deliver water and other beverages, in an innovative and re-usable flexible keg with the aim to reduce plastic waste and carbon emission

3/ PlastiSkul: micro factories for waste transformation, an integrated-approach model mixing low and high tech solutions, from waste collection to transformation, that can be implemented in developing countries, with a strong social impact, including an education / training program for local entrepreneurs


The collaborative global dimension of this program is deeply rooted in PERRIER®’s core values and identity.
Throughout its vibrant 150-year history, PERRIER® has showcased its passion for bold creativity, having partnered with dozens of the world’s most inspiring artists and creative thought leaders.
This philosophy, deeply embedded in the brand’s DNA, continues to drive and define the brand vision every day with a belief that collaboration is key to achieving the extraordinary.


Perrier® has always been a brand that keeps pace with the times, evolving with its consumers and innovating while remaining true to its core values,”
states Philippe Gallard, International Business Unit Director PERRIER®.
This is why we are proud to invest in these three exciting ideas to accelerate their development. We hope that with The Next Packaging Movement by PERRIER® we can contribute to a more sustainable future, leading through bold actions and bringing to market innovative projects.


In developing this initiative, PERRIER® brought together experts from all over the world to create a diverse network working together towards a great purpose.
The Next Packaging Movement by PERRIER® has facilitated a unique and multi-disciplinary sharing of knowledge, skills and expertise to collaborate around packaging solutions.
To develop this initiative, PERRIER® is partnering closely with SoScience, a European-based organization focused on responsible research and innovation.
The brand has also created a dedicated ‘Task Force’ made up of external leaders in materials sciences, environmentalists, entrepreneurs and changemakers to identify the most promising projects and to mentor the winners.
The Task Force includes such notable members as: Dr. Jiang Nanqing, Secretary-General, China plastics reuse and recycling association, Philipp Meister, Senior Director Sustainability Strategy of Adidas Group, Sian Sutherland, A Plastic Planet NGO Founder or Dr. Sabrina Cipullo, Solar Impulse Label Assessment Leader.


For years, PERRIER® has served as a steward to the unique source of its iconic sparkling water and is today, more than ever,
working hard to reduce its environmental impact.
As part of its sustainable approach, PERRIER® is carrying out several large-scale projects such as supporting organic farming and implementing efficient transport models to reduce carbon emissions.