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At 84 years old, John Baldessari, continues to do exactly what he does best: create, inspire, motivate, teach and expand his extraordinary body of conceptual art work that goes back over fifty years. Daring to push and question the world of art since day one is precisely what makes this man astoundingly brilliant – and it is exactly why you shouldn't miss a bit of it. In the 1960s, his work was thought to be radical and rebellious. His multimedia style of art was unknown and unheard of until Baldessari made it into a new and exciting way to conceptualize art. Starting with painting, he soon moved onto photography, video, installation and performance.

Baldessari is best known for his striking alternative work, combining text and images, that open up a huge amount of space for the viewers' own personal interpretation. With vibrant wit, the artist endlessly investigates our relationship with art. By placing blocks of color and random text over banal images, his unforgivingly humorous words create layers of mysterious riddles keeping our minds bubbling with ideas!

That famous saying “those who can, do; those who can't, teach” is proven wrong in his case. Having taught in Californian art institutions for almost 30 years, his impact has hugely influenced the world of modern and contemporary art. Regularly appearing at openings to support young artists, Baldessari is whole-heartedly involved in and passionate about the art community in Los Angeles. So determined to find the extraordinary, he even once got his students to create a lithograph with the repeated text in black and white ‘I Will Not Make Any More Boring Art’.

But let's rewind a bit, and get back to what's new: Baldessari's latest exhibition at Sprueth Magers, Courtesy Marian Goodman Gallery, which was up until April 9th. For almost thirty years, the Sprueth Magers gallery has been exhibiting the artist’s artwork and decided to showcase another memorable exhibition in his name this year. To celebrate, Baldessari has created an entirely new body of work. Consisting of a series of photographs in his classic annotated style, the images are designed to inspire the viewer to find their own meaning of what they see.

The work of John Baldessari is difficult to categorize, which is exactly what make it so good. The one common thread that runs through his astounding canvases is his daring wit and adventurous attitude toward art. Baldessari is a living iconoclast that everyone needs to discover!

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