Perrier Green B

The PERRIER GREEN B is inspired by the « green smoothie » trend in california. Rich in vitamines, this cocktail is perfect for the morning or an afternoon break to reload full energy.
Matin . Détox . Amer
Difficulté: Facile


- ¼ of fresh sweet green pepper
- 1 cucumber
- 1 oz (2 cl) of fresh lime juice
- ¾ oz (1,5 cl) of single syrup
- 4 oz (12 cl ) of cold PERRIER

Étape 1

Using a juice extractor, collect the juice of half of the cucumber.
Add fresh lime juice to avoid oxidation.

Étape 2

In a separate glass, muddle ¼ of green sweet pepper cut into small pieces to extract the flavors.

Étape 3

Once the green pepper is well muddled, add the single syrup, the cucumber juice and the cold PERRIER.
Stir well using a long bar spoon, then filter into the glass.
Garnish with two green pepper sticks and a spiral of fresh cucumber.

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