On Sunday, June 25th, Perrier joined forces with Love Injection to help celebrate the 250th party of the DJ duo Mister Saturday featuring Eamon Harkin & Justin Carter. In partnership with the underground ‘zine Love Injection, Perrier’s support allowed for an extended 48-page edition, printed in color for the first time, celebrating the ongoing success of Mister Saturday.

Perrier-inspired art and Love Injection magazine
© Most Excellent Unlimited


The ‘zine launched during the 250th party at Nowadays in Brooklyn, NY and highlights the creative collaborations and community created by Mister Saturday. We are happy to be a part of something so special. Congratulations Eamon & Justin!

Perrier and Love Injection magazine at Nowadays in Brooklyn, NY
© Most Excellent Unlimited

Perrier, Love Injection magazine, and Mister Saturday
© Most Excellent Unlimited


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