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Perrier® Sparkling Mineral Water Flavors

Flavor Inspiration

To match the extraordinary character of Perrier® Flavors, and echo past collaborations with artistic trailblazers like Dali and Warhol, we teamed up with creators whose work transcends the gallery.


After tasting the flavors, each expressed their inspiration in their chosen medium: the cut and drape of fabric, virtual sculptures, or—as you’ll see in the video below—the surfaces of buildings.

Hero Iinfluencer Hero Iinfluencer


Illustrator, Street Artist

This colorful creation, inspired by Perrier® Flavors, drew on the talent of street artist AKACORLEONE (a.k.a. Pedro Campiche). He hails from Portugal, but his monumental murals and multi-layered sculptures can be seen from Thailand to Switzerland. All of his work radiates his signature style, whether it's a building with pop-art skin or an illustration with a hidden narrative.

Perrier inspires

Erin Robertson

Fashion Designer & Textile Artist

With quirk and charm worthy of Perrier® Flavors, Erin Robertson’s weakness for bananas and the color yellow made her creations instantly recognizable. After gaining global recognition in 2016, the Utah-born Bostonian has continued to hone her craft in private commissions while studying sustainable textile development.

Luke Choice

Digital Illustrator & Animator

Luke Choice—a.k.a. Velvet Spectrum—is an LA-based Aussie who imbues his digital creations with gloss and texture. Working in typography, animation, and 3D illustration, he infuses everything from print illustrations to brainwave visualizations with a flavorful aesthetic that’s an ideal match for Perrier® Flavors.

Alex Nero

Artist & Photographer

Alex Nero creates stunning liquid experiments, dances of chemistry and physics that he captures in photographs of fragile beauty. The Ukrainian-born New Yorker’s “experiments” have found their way into collections throughout the world—and when paired with inspiration from Perrier® Flavors, his process generated extraordinary results.

Taste Inspiration

Meet the Flavors

Seven naturally flavored varieties, seven unique inspirations. With zero calories, zero sweeteners, and tons of sparkling bubbles.

lemon lime
Watermelon flavor

Now Available

Watermelon Flavor

Enjoy the taste of summer all year round, with the natural flavor of watermelon. What creations will this unmistakable taste inspire?

Strawberry flavor

Now Available

Strawberry Flavor

Hints of bubbly brightness and the flavor of berries. What will Perrier® Strawberry evoke for you?

Pink Grapefruit flavor

Pink Grapefruit

L'Orange flavor


Green apple flavor

Green apple

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