Perrier C Vitamine

The PERRIER C VITAMINE is the ideal drink for breakfast, very rich in vitamine C, with a perfect balances sweet and sour taste.
Morning . Detox . Sweet
Level: Easy


- 3 oz (8 cl) of fresh orange juice
- 1,5 oz (4 cl) of fresh lemon juice
- ¾ oz (1, 5 cl) of simple syrup
- 4 oz (12 cl) of PERRIER

Step 1

In a tall glass half filled with ice cubes, place two fine nice slices of orange, block them with the ice cubes.
Squeeze the fresh juices using the juicer.

Step 2

Filter the juice and pour them into the glass.
Add the simple syrup.

Step 3

Pour the cold PERRIER into the glass and stir well using a long bar spoon.
Serve with a straw.

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