Ah, to be a millennial girl. #Throwback to the days before Google and actually wanting to speak to your mom about your life, girls had to rely on the original fonts of all knowledge; the girls mags. Whether you went for Teen Beat or J-17, magazines for girls meant teenage popstars, cringey confessions and the most proven method of finding out once and for all, which Spice Girl you really were. Packed with useful tips on how to bag your crush and rock blue mascara, they generally came with a free hair accessory and very little genuine insight. But as the girls of Y2K have grown up, so has the girls mag.

Nowadays, there are a growing number of alternative publications focused on far more than hair tutorials and celeb couples. Introducing, Typical Girls, the quarterly zine by the millennial girl squad aiming to correct the somewhat fun but flawed formula of the magazines they grew up with. Taking their name from the Slits punk anthem (you’re already convinced by how cool they are, right?), founders Jamila, Chani and Celiya are here to dismantle the idea of the ‘typical girl’ and give a voice to all women ignored by mainstream media. “Typical Girls at its heart is about challenging representations of womanhood.” They explain. “Established as a platform through which female creatives can maintain can maintain creative agency and integrity over their work free from editorial direction, Typical Girls hopes to demonstrate the breadth of what it means to be a woman.”

Coming a long way from ’50 Ways to use Glitter Glue!’, with the help of a killer cast of all-girl collectives and contributors from all walks of life - including the masterminds behind Art Hoe Collective, Women Who and gal-dem - Typical Girls has tackled numerous issues throughout its pages. “The rise of female creative collectives around the globe is truly inspiring!” Typical Girls say, “We are all surprisingly interconnected sharing support, contributors and designers essentially making one strong collective force!” Hands up who wants to immediately join this girl gang as well? Yep, us too.

Giving us some serious girl power, Typical Girls are breaking boundaries with their feminist formula and showing us the best of the next young creatives across the world. But throwing it back to the classic question our fave teenage mags always used to ask the celebs, how would Typical Girls describe themselves in three words? Their answer: “Diverse, unapologetic, inspiring.” We don’t know about you, but that certainly gets us more excited than the lure of blue mascara tips ever did…


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Words: Mica Ramsey


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