Perrier P.K.G

Rich in vitamins and antioxydants, the PERRIER PKG is the ideal drink for an afternoon break. The PERRIER bubbles will extract all the aromas and essences from the fresh fruits.
Afternoon . Natural . Sweet
Level: Easy


- 2 pieces of fresh ginger
- ½ red apple
- 1 kiwi
- ¾ oz (1,5 cl) of simple syrup
- 4 oz (12 cl) of cold PERRIER

Step 1

Peel the kiwi and cut it into pieces.
Place the ginger, the apple and kiwi into a mixing glass and muddle well.

Step 2

Once the juices are well muddled, add the simple syrup and PERRIER.
Stir well using the bar spoon.
Filter the cocktail into a tall glass filled with ice.

Step 3

Add a round and square shape made of apple and place a triangle one on the side of the glass.

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