Our iconic naturally sparkling mineral water fizzed into the UK, with a night of unexpected pleasures.

Well, what an evening extraordinaire, that was. Set in the heart of Shoreditch, on a hot and steamy midsummer’s nuit, an effervescent extravaganza to delight and tantalise the senses, was served up for the fizziest of fun-seekers.

Yes, Perrier burst onto the British scene at its Pique-Nique, a refreshingly inspirational celebration of the experimental and out there, brimming with French flamboyance – for those who like to go for the extraordinaire. And what better way to launch our iconic brand in the UK, along with a few bubbly new fruity friends?

Tempting tales of the unexpected

Decked out in Perrier green, with funky foliage and bold-as-brass neon, The Yard in London’s Shoreditch was full to bursting with surprises, eccentricities and intriguing indulgences. There was music from a wandering acoustic band. There was dancing thanks to Ministry of Sound DJ, Jess Sky. There was art, with a graffiti artist creating a Perrier mural before partygoers’ very eyes. Oh, and did we mention there was hula hooping, courtesy of record-breaking hoop troupe, Marawa's Majorettes? Yes, for one night in the UK’s vibrant capital, the unusual became the norm.

Sizzling heat, chilled-out by sparkling refreshment

As the temperature hit dizzying new heights (and phew, what a scorcher it was), so did our cocktail creativity. Cool, refreshing blends like gin, cucumber and mint with a dash of classic Perrier sparkling natural mineral water, flowed freely, quenching the thirst of red hot revellers.

And guests were invited to enjoy a ‘first taste’ of Perrier’s brand new flavoured sparkling waters; Green Apple and Lemon (with just two tiny calories each, and not a sweetener in sight). The perfect way to wash down delicious treats like beetroot and thyme scones, with savoury icing. All created by rebel baking duo, The Meringue Girls.

On the longest (and hottest) day, everything came together to create one huge solstice celebration. And what an unforgettable, refreshing and extraordinaire way for Perrier, the world’s most iconic sparkling natural mineral water, to say hello Great Britain, we’re here to stay.

Want to see more party pics tweeted and posted from the night? Take a look here.


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